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Summit Air’s Skyvan is the ultimate in cargo transportation.

With a payload of up to 4500 lbs., the Skyvan can transport almost anything: equipment, fuel drums, and even a mid-size pickup truck! The large freight area can also accommodate up to nine passengers.

Loading and unloading the Skyvan is efficient thanks to its single rear cargo door and easy loading options. Vehicles can easily drive in and out using loading ramps. Forklifts can easily load cargo directly into the Skyvan, and custom rollers help move large loads into place. In case you don’t have a forklift and your freight doesn’t have wheels, the Skyvan comes equipped with a heavy-duty winch to load your cargo.

Operating on two Garrett turbine engines producing over 1400 horsepower, the Skyvan cruises at 170 mph, while still maintaining excellent short field performance.

Fleet - Skyvan | Summit Air


145 knots

Max VFR Payload
4200 lbs. (3200 lbs. with passengers)

Max Passengers
9 in all configurations
(Cargo + Pax configuration the payload is reduced by 1000 lbs.)

Endurance/ Range
4.5hrs / 650nm