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Dornier 228

The Dornier 228 is high-winged un-pressurized 19 seat twin-engine turbo-prop utility aircraft. The aircraft is capable of transporting up to 19 passengers or various cargos and is capable of operations on both paved and unpaved strips. The Dornier 228 is powered by two Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines.

The Dornier 228 is commonly classified as a Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL)-capable aircraft, is capable of operating from rough short and rough runways in all climates. The Dornier’s impressive STOL capability is largely attributable to the aircraft’s high rate of climb and robust wing design which generates large amounts of lift at slow speeds. The Dornier 228 is renowned for its versatility, low operational costs, and reliability.

Summit Air currently operates five Dornier 228s. All are combi-capable and can be configured either in full passenger configuration or in a manner that would support the transport of both passengers and freight.

219 mph

Max Take-Off Weight (MTOW)
13,500 lbs

19 passengers – 2 abreast

1,100 nm