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Jacques Lamarche of Summit Air Receives Military Merit Medal

Jacques Lamarche, Store Manager at Summit Air, was awarded the Member of Military Merit (MMM) Medal in February of this year. The medal was presented in person by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston at an investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall, Ottawa, when Jacques was appointed to the Order of Military Merit as a Member.

The Order of Military Merit is a special status given to few members of the military for exceptional service throughout their military career. Jacques was awarded this status after his extensive military and civilian involvement, and promotion to the second highest rank for non-officers in the military before retirement. The military member must be nominated by his Commanding Officer and then reviewed by an Honors and Awards Committee. By being appointed, Jacques can now legally put MMM after his name.

Jacques spent 25 years in the Air Force of Canada as an Aviation Maintenance Technician, Instructor, and eventually Aviation and Personnel Management. He retired as Master Warrant Officer. He later transferred to the Reserves in 2011 and continued to serve his country on a part-time basis. To date, he has been serving for 29 years.

We are proud to have Jacques among our ranks at Summit. His success demonstrates that our employees are exceptional at what they do and hold our values close to their hearts, whether at work or in the community.

Congratulations, Jacques.