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Summit Becomes First Northern Operator To Join The Arctic Coordination Centre (ArCC) SafetyNet

Yellowknife, NT, Canada, April 28, 2014

Arctic Coordination Centre (ArCC) partners Scarlet Security and Absolute Trac are pleased to announce that Summit Aviation will become the first Northern operator to support ArCC by having their entire fleet of aircraft and helicopters added to the ArCC SafetyNet Monitor.

“After seeing the ArCC’s SafetyNet concept, we believe this system will save lives in the North,” said Summit Aviation President Rob Mauracher. “It’s a natural fit for us as we have an interest in participating in SAR (Search & Rescue) response, and we also have many customers and employees working across the north in isolated areas.”

ArCC is based on a central monitoring system that tracks the location of everyone registered in system. If a distress call is received, assistance from the nearest appropriate resource is dispatched via a two-way link.

“In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence. Having access to Summit’s diverse fleet of aircraft and local personnel in emergency situations significantly increases the likelihood that a life in danger can be saved,” said ArCC Director Pat Doyle.

The goal is to put as many corporate, government and community assets as possible onto the ArCC SafetyNet, creating a northern network of people and assets that can help each other as much and as quickly as possible.

ArCC can also receive and map feeds from Globalstar devices such as SPOTS, and new two-way handheld Iridium devices such as InReach’s, and cellular devices such as smartphones and fleet trackers. 


About ArCC:

ArCC is a partnership between Absolute Gemini of Calgary and Scarlet Security of Yellowknife.  ArCC uses Absolute’s WorkAlone™ system to register, map and monitor corporate, government and community personnel working and living throughout the north, and where they use two way devices, the ArCC SafetyNet Monitor links all users to create local, focused and immediate response options for SAR authorities.