DHC-6 Twin Otter

The Twin Otter is a high winged, un-pressurized twin-engine turbine powered aircraft with fixed tricycle land gear. The aircraft was designed as a rugged commuter and is capable of carrying passengers and cargo into remote unimproved locations, including ski and water-based operations. The 19 seat twin-engine turboprop utility aircraft is powered by two PT6A (-20/-27) turboprop engines.

The Twin Otter is commonly classified as a Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL)-capable aircraft, is capable of operating from short and rough runways in all climates. This capability has been largely attributed to the Twin Otter’s high rate of climb and design features including its double slotted trailing edge flaps and ailerons that work in unison with the flaps to boost STOL performance.

Summit Air currently operates two Twin Otters. Both aircraft are combi-capable, meaning they can be configured either in full passenger configuration, in a manner that would support the transport of both passengers and freight or with all seats removed to accommodate a full load of freight if required.

171 mph

Max Take-Off Weight (MTOW)
12,500 lbs

19 passengers – 2 abreast

750 nm